"Forgive and love … 
and forgive again …
who said this …"

—Jaejoong [ x ] (via fuckyeahtvxqquotes)

reasons to be anti-jaejoong: he gets so happy over chopping wood 7_7;;;

"Love is something you shouldn’t be ashamed nor embarassed of."

—Jaejoong (via jaegayjoong)


whats your name? 

[Trans 1 @bornfreeonekiss] From Jan 1 till Feb 21, all I did was eating. Four meals a day. I eat when I wake up. I eat before I sleep, but the fats are only on my face, my body didn’t put on any weight at all, only for one day I’m on an empty stomach condition..my weight..there’s certainly a Yeongashi (mutant parasitic horsehair worms) inside my body.

[Trans 2]: Jaejoong ah cheer up!! -From me to myself

(by katheartsJJ)

Jaejoong initiating a hug to a male fan and becoming shy afterwards (●´∀`●)