…where Jaejoong said: U-know you know.

jyj’s messages to yoohwan on his first fan meeting in japan: feat. junsu’s really helpful advice, yoochun’s d’awwww!! brotherly message and jaejoong’s jelly feels

JYJ favorite group pose + quotes


Jaejoong can’t stop laughing o(≧∇≦)o



[TRANS] Excerp of Jaejoong's interview with THE FACT: 'My brother' Im Siwan and 'my darling' Baek Jinhee →


He said that he gained new friends through ‘Triangle’. And among them, Im Siwan and Baek Jinhee have become his ‘precious persons’.

"Im Siwan is kind of shy of strangers but as we worked in this drama, he has opened a lot. Because his house is near mine, sometimes he would call and say…

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Q: If your girlfriend doesn't answer your call and you know she went to the club but she tells you she didn't, how would you react?
Jaejoong: Club and lying is OK. I am the bad one for not satisfying her.
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"When I came home after shooting last scene, I tried to keep myself awake even eating ice cream to watch Triangle’s last episode. But I didn’t have any memory after that. When my manager came my home, I was fast asleep and ice cream melted on the floor. I slept about 11 hrs after a long time."

Kim Jaejoong 2/8/2014 ([Excerpt from JJ’s interview], by forjj)

140731 - Interview: Jaejoong, "If only I could have one more kiss scene with Jinhee." →

Soon after he finished his first drama as the male lead, in media interviews, Kim Jaejoong expressed his affection toward ‘Triangle’. He also added a ‘cute’ sorrow because while busy focusing on revenge, he couldn’t fully cover the melo with Baek Jinhee.

“I have a bittersweet feeling when…